Gustav was established in 2009 wanting to create a new Scandinavian brand with a unique design expression. The first collection received overwhelming response and we were off to a flying start. Our designs are aimed at a growing group of confident women demanding more of their clothes. When it comes to how it makes them look but also how it makes them feel. We now offer four collections per year together with a range of signature accessories for these wonderful and determined ladies. We are and always have been a company packed with experience from both ’the beauty’ and ’the business’ of fashion. We are very proud to say that the team who started out a decade ago still forms the foundation of Gustav.

Gustav is known and loved for our her way of building collections that are easy to combine and where each garment will work beyond its season. The style is everyday luxury, and in each collection you will always find cool casual styles side by side with something highly feminine. We are in love with colour and always combine them in scales unique to Gustav.

A garment should in our opinion never feel flat but always offer more to the experience than what meets the eye. We handpick fabrics and trim with surprising surfaces and details. We always add a little extra something to make each garment special. Special like the woman who wears it.

Pattern making

Patternmaking is an art form in itself. We go to great lengths in search of the perfect fit. Our dedicated team of patternmakers continuously refine our best fits to make them even better. We want to offer woman comfortable cuts that compliment the body.A great example of TS qur iconic baek yoke that simply give women the best looking behind: And who wouldn’t want that.

Our ambitions are without limits, but we want to do things right. We never cut corners or seek quick fixes. We wish to build strong long-term relationships with both suppliers and customers. We look to people who share our love of great design and who want to develop their business with us.

Gustave Girl

The word to best describe the Gustav girl is a quality conscious ‘Go-getter’. She chooses her clothes with confidence and what she wears become an extension of her personality and the mood she is in. She likes to shine and being stopped on the street because of her style is a returning event. To her, age is just a number and each new candle on the cake is something to be proud of, and just another reason to look her best. She is unique and wants to stay that way.

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